​Chances are, ​if you're here, something's not right and you're looking for solutions. Good for you. Seriously, way too many guys are suffering in silence right now.

Of course, you probably don't want to work with a therapist. Believe me, I get it. 

The truth is that contemporary forms of therapy may not be your thing. You may even have tried it in the past and came away feeling disappointed.

If you've ever been to a therapist's office you likely found scented candles, pan flute music, and bowls of potpourri - cool for some but maybe it doesn't speak to you.


'His Therapist' was started specifically to serve men who are skeptical of therapy.


It recognizes that their reservations are not baseless but are, if anything, completely understandable. What you'll get here is support in your challenges as a guy this is understanding that the way men deal with challenges is different and needs to be accommodated.


This is a resource that serves men by understanding them, not fixing them.

​​​ Your inherent strengths as a man are seen as just that - strengths. Whether you are here for individual therapy or couples work, your role as a man is honored. 



To learn more about practical ways to improve your mental health and mindset, get in touch and we'll reply within 24 hours. 

Do you absolutely need to try therapy? The short answer is no. There are a million ways to feel better psychologically and emotionally. Physical exercise, taking up a hobby, or talking with a good friend all work.

But, from time to time, things can feel rough. That's really what therapy is for. It's for those times when things seem dark and solutions obscure.


Therapy offers a way to help remove a block when we feel stuck in life.



It's a place to figure things out when no solution seems obvious and it feels like no one will understand. No, guys don't want to spend years analyzing every aspect of their past. They want to learn how to feel better, figure things out, and get back on course. 

If you're thinking about therapy, this question can help:

When was the last time I had an honest conversation with someone about my life and how I'm really doing?


Other Questions to Consider...

  • Am I feeling disconnected, isolated or numb?

  • Am I stuck with my goals, dealing with procrastination?

  • Is my relationship (or lack thereof) making me feel hopeless?

  • Do I feel guilty or ashamed about something and need non-judgmental support?

  • Do I feel anxious or depressed regularly?

  • Do I feel a lack of purpose or meaning in my life?

  • Am I dealing with past trauma (family of origin problems, abuse, neglect)?

  • Is it hard to get out of bed regularly, like it's harder to muster the energy to pretend or fake it?

Reach out for More Information

If these questions have got you thinking, give some consideration to therapy. No deep analysis necessary. Just a conversation about you, what you really want, and how you can move towards it.

Consider getting in touch to find out if talking can help. Therapy, when done correctly is focused. It has a goal. Typically it is short-term and will help you come away having learned what the issue is and how to move past it. 

What you'll get here are:

Practical methods to understand yourself better and move forward.

A space where you preferences in working through your issues as a guy are understood.

An alternative to the self-help industry.

Professional help